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Serving all of Metro Atlanta; Georgia; Florida; Alabama; Tennessee, South Carolina and most other states.




Companies We Represent

  • Health
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Aetna
    • Humana
    • Coventry
    • Golden Rule
    • CIGNA
  • Life
    • American General
    • Genworth
    • ING
    • Transamerica
    • The Guardian
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • North American
    • Prudential
    • MetLife
  • Disability
    • Assurity
    • Union Central
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • The Guardian
    • The Standard
    • Mass Mutual
  • Long Term Care
    • Transamerica
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • Genworth



Whether it is Term, Whole Life or Universal Life insurance, let us help you with the most important financial planning decision you will ever make.  Let us help you understand the many ways life insurance can be used to insure your family’s financial security.


We can help with health insurance for employees or with Individual/Family plans.  Our expertise, patience and knowledge help make the process of finding health insurance a positive process.  There are many options available today so let us help you understand your choices.


Dental and visual health is very important.  It contributes to a happier and healthier lifestyle and fewer lost days of work.  They are some of the most desired and requested benefits along with being an affordable way to maintain your health.


Many people underestimate the need for disability income protection.  Let us help you answer the question of “What would happen if I was unable to work for a period of time”.  We can help with short or long term disability insurance to give that piece of mind and protection that every family wants.


Probably the least understood of all insurance products which projects itself to being one of the least purchased.  Whether as an employee benefit or for an individual we can help take the confusion out of the process.  Let us help answer the biggest questions including “What is the best age to purchase Long Term Care?”.


Cancer is the most costly out of pocket health event there is.  Cancer insurance is an affordable way to protect your family from the financial risk of a cancer diagnosis.  There are many different styles of plans and almost everyone can obtain coverage even if they have  had cancer before.